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October 5, 2006

Use sound to get your creative team on the same page

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Ivy Ross, spoke yesterday at the Business Innovation Factory's second Collaborative Innovation Summit about some of the techniques she has used over the years to successfully stimulate innovation and creativity at companies like Mattel and Old Navy.

In one scenario she had music created that required both sides of the brain to work in order to interpret the scores. After her team members spent 20 minutes a day, three times a week for six weeks in specially designed musical chairs listening to the scores, she was able to demonstrate through standard creativity tests that the creativity of her team had increased by 18%!

It would be interesting to know if other activities that require both sides of the brain to work - like playing piano, or playing video games - would have the same effect on training the brain to use both sides.

In another experiment she improved the results of brainstorming sessions by finding the frequency ranges at which people "resonate." She then found the common frequency at which everyone on the team resonated, produced a CD with sound of that frequency and increased results of brainstorming sessions by playing the CD in the background during those sessions. So in effect she brought her team on the same page through sound.

She made another interesting point when she said that you cannot expect a team to innovate without feeding the team a lot information first. If there is no "input" in the innovation process - why would you expect good "output?"

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