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July 6, 2006

Corporate Visibility 2.0 - Are Public Break-ups a Good Thing?

(Posted by francois to: random brainsqualls )

divorce sm.jpgThere have been some highly visible web 2.0 company break-ups recently. The pubsub story comes to mind, where the co-founders publicly went at one another through their blogs (well one more than the other - here and here). Then yesterday came the undoing of rocketboom, where it's unclear what really happened other than something really messy (here, here and here). And those are not the only ones - there are many other partnerships that have gone up in flames in full view in the last 12 months..

Business partnership break-ups based on differences in personalities are never a good thing, and often lead to the demise of young companies. But when they become highly public and visible like that, doesn't it makes things worse? Not only do the chances for the company as an entity to survive become more limited - which is clearly not a good thing for customers, employees and business partners - but personal reputations get destroyed in the process as well. And other than making for a good web-soap, there are really no other benefits that can be derived from this kind of visibility.

Could this be an indication of the disproportionate (=unhealthy) role of personal egos in this wave of innovation?

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