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November 29, 2005

The Corante Marketing Hubs went live today...

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After a few long nights, three of the Corante Hubs went live today: the Corante Marketing Hub, the Corante Web Hub and the Corante Media Hub..

The Corante Hubs were designed on the premise that as information is increasingly becoming an abundant resource and attention is increasingly becoming a scarce resource—people will subscribe to people instead of subscribing to content.

With this in mind, we recruited a network of existing top-notch bloggers in the areas of marketing, media, and web technology, to act as reader's filter for what’s important in those fields. These experts continue to blog on their own blogs. At the Corante Hubs we aggregate their content and enhance it with technology to help readers track “conversations”, and find related content.

We also recruited knowledgeable editors for each hub, who editorialize what happens on the network—sometimes making connections that readers may have missed , sometimes taking the topics in a broader context.

We are planning on launching more hubs in the next few weeks, and are expecting to announce more bloggers to join the various networks in the next few days.

There are many other programs which we are planning in the context of the hubs - including running symposia as the one we recently organized in partnership with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, or like the ones we are about to announce in the areas of marketing, media and law - which provide an opportunity for contributors and readers to mingle and discuss issues and topics face to face.

So rather than force-fitting a traditional publishing paradigm on this new social medium, we are trying to invent a new one - in collaboration with our network of contribuotrs! It is indeed our goal to get the contributors involved in the governance and strategic direction of the Corante Hubs.

...more on this later.

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