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October 13, 2005

[personal] How fast we can become totally powerless…

(Posted by francois to: random brainsqualls )

Today I got one of those dreaded calls – a good friend of mine for 25 years called me to tell me that not only she had cancer, but that she had been in the hospital for two weeks undergoing radiation and that she was basically paralyzed from the waste down as the cancer has metastased to her spine.

Now here is this smart, beautiful, fun and driven woman; who just recently had been offered the CEO job at her company. She is also a proud and happy mom of two small children. Like me, she immigrated to this country after college, and she achieved all this with little more to start than a degree and a couple of thousand dollars. She also went through a lot of hardship – being the first one to discover her younger sister after she committed suicide, witnessing her dad whither away due to Alzheimer’s disease, and supporting her mom, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease - but none of that was ever enough to dampen her optimism on life.

So you get the picture – she is the type of person for whom everything has always been possible! Barriers? What’s that?

But in an instant her whole future became a set of question marks. When she called me, I was floored – literally. She asked for me to go visit her down in Atlanta – she thinks that she can draw some strength from me and use it to make whatever miracle she needs happen. Of course I will go, but strength?…I am not sure that I have any right now – as I am just as ill prepared to deal with these issues as she was.

I know I will find it and be able to support her in her battle – but to me this was a major wake-up call. Heck - I am not ready for this!

Shit – this sucks!

Sorry – had to get this off my chest….Wish her strength and luck - she deserves it!

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wow. Very powerful post. Good luck working through this and being a source of strength for your friend. We'll pull for her too.

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Posted by: Joel at October 13, 2005 7:16 PM

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