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September 28, 2005

"Ad skippers" are more likely to respond to consumer-generated media

(Posted by francois to: word of mouth )

According to an Intelliseek study (release here - via ClickZNews): "Consumer-Generated Media (CGM) Exceeds Traditional Advertising for Influencing Consumer Behavior."

It's a fact - word-of-mouth (WOM) continues to grow in importance in consumer awareness, trial, and purchase of new products. In fact the study finds that "consumers are 50% more likely to be influenced by WOM from their peers than by radio/TV ads."

Interestingly enough the study also found: "important correlations between consumers who regularly skip over or delete television or online ads and those who shape, create, and absorb consumer-generated media (defined as experiences, opinions and advice posted on the Internet by consumers for others to read and share). "Active ad skippers," for example, are 25 percent more likely to create and respond to CGM on Internet message boards, forums and blogs."

Other interesting findings include:

Of course it's always fun to watch dinosaurs in the making - see what Bill O'Reilly has to say about CGM.

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