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July 17, 2005

Worldwide competitive power-shift

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america 70lbs.bmpA fascinating (MUST READ) article (requires subscription for full article) in Fortune Magazine talks about the "innovation" power-shift happening between the US and China/India.

Some interesting stats from the article:

The article briefly touches on the potential impact of this power-shift in the following paragraph:

"The stakes are mammoth: Respectable analysts believe it’s possible—not certain, but possible—that the U.S. standard of living, after decades of steady ascent, could stall or even begin to decline. More worrisome is the chance that if the world’s most powerful nation finds itself getting poorer rather than richer, some kind of domestic or even global political crisis could follow."

I wish the article would have mentioned Dean Kamen's work - who's been harping on this issue and trying to make a difference through his FIRST program for years. Some of you may have seen the TV program showing the Arizona kids beating the MIT kids in a robot competition - that's his work - oh, and most of you probably missed the fact that all the kids on the team were illegal immigrants...

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